(Recognized Experts for Technical Advices and/or Manuscript Reviews)

F. Appel (HZG, Germany) - Deformation T. Liang (RWTH, Germany) - Surface Protection
M. Arai (IHI Castings, Japan) - Casting Y. Liang (USTB, China) - Sheet Fabrication
M. Bak (WI, USA) - Supersonic Propulsion H. Lipsitt (AFRL, USA) - Early History
T. Barrigana (Zollern, Portugal) - Casting K. Liu (IMR, China) - HW of BS Gammalloys
W. Beck (Formtech, Germany) - Joining M. Loretto (IRC, UK) - Microstructure Evolution
E. Bouzy (U Loraine, France) - Refinement/HW P. McQuay (PCC, USA) - 4822 Cast LPT Blades
P. Bowen (U Birmingham, UK) - Fatigue Fracture S. Maloy (LANL, USA) - Nuclear Reactor Use
T. Broderick (AFRL, USA) - History A. Marquardt (AMCD, Germany) - EBM
R. Braun (DLR, Germany) - Oxidation K. Maruyama (Tohoku U, Japan - Lath Creep
M. Buenck (ACCESS, Germany) - NNS Casting S. Mayer (U. Leoben, Austria) - TNM Alloy
K. Chan (SRI, USA) - Fracture Resistance M. Mills (OSU, USA) - Creep
G. Chen (NJUST, China) - PST Crystal Growth S. Naka (ONERA, France) - Alloy Design
R. Chen ( HIT, China) - Directional Solidification T. Nakano (Osaka U, Japan) - Specific AM
W. Chen (AVIC Beijing, China) - 3D Printing H. Nan (AECC-BIAM, China) - Casting
Y. Chen (HIT, China) - Beta Solidified Alloys T. Nielson (WI, USA) - Small Turbine Disk Material
H. Clemens (U. Leoben, Austria) - TNM S. Nishikiori (IHI, Japan) - LPT Blades
A. Couret (CEMES, France) - SPS M-H. Oh (KIT, Korea) - Joining
E. Crist (Arconic, USA) - Ingot Production D. Pilone (U. Roma, Italy) - Turbine Blades
A. Denquin (ONERA, France) - Transformations F. Pyczak (HZG, Germany) - Synchrotron
D. Dimiduk (BlueQuartz, USA) - MS/MP Relations J. Reitz (RWTH, Germany) - Recycling
X. Ding (AECC-BIAM, China) - DS R. Ritchie (LBL, USA) - Fatigue Fracture
A. Dlouhy (IPM, Czech) - Casting and Creep P. Sallot (Safran, France) - LEAP LPT Blades
A. Donchev (Dechema, Germany) - OR/Coating M. Schütze (Dechema, Germany) - Coating
D. R-Fagaraseanu (RR, Germany) - HPC Blades L. Semiatin (AFRL, USA) - Wrought Processing
R. Feng (LUT, China) - Fracture W. Smarsly (MTU, Germany) - TNM LPT Blades
M. Filippini (P. di Milano, Italy) - Fatigue Fracture A. Sommer (Del West Eng, USA) - Wrought Valves
J. Foltz IV (ALTI Metals, USA) - PAM L. Song (NWPU, China) - Transformations
R. Haun (Retech, USA) - Ingot and Powder N. Sonnentag (ATI, USA) - Isothermal Forging
U. Hecht (ACCESS, Germany) - MS Refinement A. Stark (HZG, Germany) - Synchrotron
G. Henaff (ENSMA, France) - Fatigue S-Y. Sung (Katech, Korea) - TC Wheels
D. Hu (IRC, UK) - XD Alloy Evaluation R. Swadźba (IMZ, Poland) - Coating & Oxidation
R. Imayev (Ufa, Russia) - Superplasticity M. Takeyama (TIT, Japan) - Phase Relations
H. Inui (Kyoto U, Japan) - PST Crystal B. Tang (NWPU, China) - HW and Fatigue
E. Crist (Arconic, USA) - Ingot Production T. Tetsui (NIMS, Japan) - Hot Die Forging
P. Janschek (Leistritz, Germany) - ISF of Blades M. Thomas (ONERA, France) - Alloy Design
N. Kashaev (HZG, Germany) - Joining P. Varghese (S-G, USA) - Grinding
T. Kelly (GE, USA) - 4822 LPT Blades J. Williams (OSU, USA) - LPTB Implementation
H. Kessler (Plansee, Austria) - Sheet and Foil P. Withey (RR, UK) - XD LPTB  Implementation
Y-W. Kim (Gamteck, USA) - CPMP Design-ToRD M. Weimer (GE, USA) - 4822 LPT Blades
S. Knittel (Safran, France) - Surface Protection A. Wojcieszynski (ATI Metals, USA) - Powders
H. Kou (NWPU) - Casting and HW X. Wu (Monash, Australia) - Property Evaluation
Y. Koyanagi (Daido, Japan) - TC Wheels D. Xu (IMR, China) - Modeling and Simulation
J. Lapin (UMMS SAV, Slovak Republic) - Creep and Composites J. Yang (NWPU, China) - MS Evolution
C. S. Lee (Postech, Korea) - Fatigue and HW R. Yang (IMR, China) - Processing/Evaluation
D. B. Lee (SKKU, Korea) - Hot Corrosion F. Yolton (Crucible, USA) - Powder Applications
D. Legzdina (Honeywell, USA) - Turbo Application F. Zhang (CT, USA) - TD Calculation
R. Leholm (Goodrich, USA) - Sheet Components J. Zhang (CISRI, China) - Prototype Forming
C. Leyens (Dresden U, Germany) - Coating L. Zhang (USTB, China) - Hot Workability
  J. Zollinger (U Lorraine, France) - MS Refinement