The program is tentatively scheduled below for August 2nd - 6th, 2020


Date Session Name Details
Aug 2 (Sun) PM Conference Opening
- Special Lectures (3)

Applicable Fundamentals; Damages (Mechanical/Thermal) and Tolerance;
Current Alloys - Understanding of Design Philosophy and Limitations;
Current R&D Status - Assessing Dilemmas, Implications and Future Directions.

Welcome dinner
Aug 3 (Mon) AM
S1 - Oral Presentation
S2 - Oral Presentation
Starting with Keynote Lecture
Aug 4 (Tue) AM
S3 - Oral Presentation
S4 - Oral Presentation
S5 - Poster Presentation

Banquet with a prizes-winning contest
Aug 5 (Wed) AM
S6 - Oral Presentation
S7 - Paneled Discussion

Topics selected from interrelated areas include: technology readiness level (TRL) of our current status, composition exploration vs. alloy design, microstructure (MS) evolution and control, composition-processing-microstructure-property combinations (CPMP-C), pathways from composition to the final engineering material, target-oriented R&D (ToRD), surface protection and methodologies, novel processing (AM), and contribution of calculation/simulation/modeling efforts
Aug 6 (Thu) AM S8 - Oral Presentation
Closing Statement
Accompanying program