GAT-2021 (to be decided)  
GAT-2020 (Bratislava, Slovak Republic) Proc. Book (eds. J. Lapin and the organizing team) will be published (July, 2020).
GAT-2019 (Dunhuang, China) Presentation only, org. J.P. Lin, Y-W. Kim, P. Sallot, T. Nakano, et al.
GAT-2018 (Harbin, China) Presentation only, org. Y. Chen, Y-W. Kim, J.P. Lin, P. Sallot, R. Yang, et al.
GAT-2017 (TMS, San Diego, USA) Chart Proceedings eds. Y-W. Kim, J.P. Lin and P. Sallot - 62 Presentation Charts.
GAT-2015 (Nanjing, China) Chart Proceedings, eds. J.P. Lin and Y-W. Kim - 65 Presentation Charts.
GAT-2014 (TMS, San Diego) Book, eds. Y-W. Kim, W. Smarsly, J.P. Lin, D.M. Dimiduk, and F. Appel, TMS, Warrendale, USA (2014).
GAT-2013 (Toulouse, France) Chart Proceedings, eds. A. Couret and Organizing Team.
GAT-2012 (Beijing, China) Charts Proceedings 2012, eds. J.P. Lin and Y-W. Kim - 78 Presentation Charts.
GAT-2008 (SA, TMS, Seattle, USA) TMS Book, eds. Y-W. Kim, D. Morris, R. Yang, and C. Leyens, TMS, USA (2003) - 412 pages.
GAT-2003 (ISGTA, TMS, San Diego, USA) Proc. Book, eds. Y-W. Kim, H. Clemens, TMS, Warrendale, USA (2003) - 635 pages.
GAT-1999 (ISGTA, TMS, San Diego, USA) Proc. Book, eds. Y-W. Kim, D.M. Dimiduk and M. Loretto, TMS, Warrendale, USA (1999) - 851 pages.
GAT-1995 (ISGTA, TMS, Las Vegas, USA) Proc. Book, eds. Y-W. Kim, R. Wagner and M. Yamaguchi, TMS, Warrendale, USA (1995) - 1,009 pages.
GAT-1990 (TA Symp., Detroit, USA) Proc. Book, eds. Y-W. Kim and R.R. Boyer, TMS, Warrendale, USA (1991) - 674 pages.