Keynote Speaker

Pierre Sallot  (SAFRAN Tech, France) Advanced LPT Blades: Cost vs. Property Improvement Dilemma


Invited Speakers (Partial Listing)

Juraj Lapin (UMMS, Slovakia) TiAl-Composites: Status and Future RD Directions
Fritz Appel (HGZ, Germany) Deformation and Damage Mechanisms
Allen Couret (CEMES, France) Mechanical Properties of SPS-processed Material
Alexander Donchev (DECHEMA, Germany) Oxidation and Surface Protection by Fluorine
Pavel Panin (VIAM, Russia) Industrial Melting and Ingot Casting
Daniela Pilone (Sapienza U, Italy) Land-based Gas Turbine Blades: R&D Status
Florian Pyczak (HGZ, Germany) Gammalloys R&D Activities at HGZ
Martin Schloffer (MTU, Germany) Fundamentals of Fracture Resistance
Jan Schievenbusch  (ACCESS, Germany) Advanced NS Casting Technology Development
Julien Zollinger (U. Lorraine, France) Refinement by Gravity Reduction
Thomas Edwards (EMPA, Switzerland) Fatigue Damage: Understanding and Microstructure Effects
Radoslaw Swadzba (IMZ, Poland) Coating Technology: Understanding and Application Potential
Chandan Mondal (DMRL, India) High Temperature Deformation
Junpin Lin (USTB, China) High-Nb Gammalloys: Design and Processing and Future Direction
Ruiren Chen (HIT, China) Directional Solidification: Current Status/Understanding and Future
Wei Chen (ABAMTRI, China) Additive Manufacturing: Status and Future RD Directions
Rui Hu (NWPU, China) Development of Hyperperitectic γ-TiAl Casting Alloys with Medium Nb Content
Yuyong Chen (HIT, China) Hi-Nb Gammalloys: RD Status and Application Potential
Kui Liu (IMR, China) Beta-Solidified Gammalloys: Hot Working and Future Directions
Lin Song (NWPU, China) Phase Transformations Research: Status and Future Contributions
Jian Sun (SJTU, China) Modulated Structures: Understanding and Future RD Direction
Dong-Sheng Xu (IMR, China) First Principle & Simulation: Specific Examples and Future Direction
Rui Yang (IMR, China) Processing/Microstructure/Properties of 45XD Alloy
Seung Un Kim (KIMS, Korea) Alloy Design: Achievements and Future Directions
Takayoshi Nakano (Osaka U, Japan) Additive Manufacturing: Unique Structure-Property Development
Toshimitsu Tetsui (NIMS, Japan) Hot-die Forging: Advances, Application Status, and Future
Young-Won Kim (Gamteck, USA) Alpha Processing for Advanced Aero-engine Rotational Components
Dennis Dimiduk (BlueQuartz, USA) Machine Learning: Contribution to Gammalloy RD
Alfred Sommer (Del West, USA) Advances in Gammalloy Valve Production and Manufacturing
Fan Zhang, (CompuTherm, USA) Thermodynamics Calculations with Specific, Useful Examples